Monday, September 28, 2009

Under 300

Today was weigh in day, and the start of week 5. I weighed in at 298. That is still super obese, BUT, for anyone who reads this that ALSO means I am down a total of 13 lbs, and it means I am UNDER 300 lbs. FINALLY. Geez. I am rather excited about this. It is a slow process, but I am hoping by sticking with it and doing it 1. the right way. 2. the slow, take your time, lose it correctly it won't come back as easily. RIGHT? RIGHT? Please tell me I am somewhat right? :)

The diet has been going pretty good. I haven't had any "HOLY COW" days. I have been following my weight watchers points pretty good, and with the 35 flex points for the week have stayed within the points every week. The exercise is another story. After the 2 days of stepping last week I thought I was going to die. I got the worst pains in my legs...between that and Bobs biggest loser video. BUT, I have been averaging a mile of just plain walking a day. Not "purposeful" walking, but errands and cleaning and such...i have a pedometer on my phone. So, that's WAY WAY more than I was before. So, i guess it's one step at a time. And I am learning that's what weight loss is really all pound, one ounce at a time

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feel the BURN...

So I am rather proud of myself. I have started doing step aerobics, granted its on the Wii fit, but still. Yesterday I did 25 minutes and today I did 20 minutes. My legs are slightly burning, but its a good burning. Burning calories. Each day the stepping equaled a little over half a mile each day. So, not too bad. It's a start, and its moving, which I wasn't doing before, so :)

I am hoping as I lose weight the exercise will increase. That I will feel more comfortable moving and be more willing to let my "jiggly parts" jiggle. Anyone else watch the biggest loser last night? Love that show...motivates me to keep is anyone else doing? I know not that many people read this, but i like hearing how everyone is doing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob Harper is trying to kill me

OK, so Bob Harper is NOT REALLY TRYING TO KILL ME, but it kind of felt like it. I have not moved that much in well...MONTHS. I decided to bite the bullet and try my Biggest Loser workout DVD today. I don't think i was ready for it. I didn't make it through the entire workout. I couldn't do the last two moves, my knee (the one i had surgery on, was DONE) The pain was horrible, so I stopped and took my prescription pain meds and put ice on it. But considering I did EVERYTHING else I was pretty impressed, and know I can work up to doing the whole thing, I would guess within a week ? Hopefully. And it was a decent workout, and I got REALLY sweaty...guess that's what happens when a 300lb person trys that workout. I can't imagine how those poor people ON the biggest loser show work out that hard...I admire them!! Speaking of which...did anyone see that last night? I BAWLED! Geez...Has anyone noticed how all my blogs are run-on paragraphs? I should work on that...maybe next time...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting to move...

Since I tore my ACL back in March I have been VERY limited in my ability to exercise, and even if I haven't been I have had a very good excuse. I have sprained and pulled my ACL numerous times since having surgery to repair my ACL as well. SO, it has bee a LONG rode to recovery. It is still not 100%...but yesterday I did some exercise. I did 13 minutes of Wii fit...I did the step exercise and did 15 minutes on the exercise bike. I also have the biggest loser workout DVD, but have not worked up the courage to start it yet...maybe next week. :) But you gotta start somewhere. I am excited for the Biggest Loser to start tonight!!! It motivates me so much!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fiber One found yumminess

I have heard of Fiber One Bars before, but never actually got around to trying them til this past week. They just scared me, to be honest. My friends, Emily and Dan told me "no, really...they are good." So I broke down and tried them, and you know what? I LOVE them! They are only 2 weight watchers points and they are SUPER filling. they are a great snack and also a great small breakfast. I love the chocolate and oats and also the peanut butter and oats. YUM-O. Still looking for other good ideas. But, I am going into week 3. Still only down 10.4 lbs, but hey, that's 10 lbs GONE. YAHOOO

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breakfast ideas?

I have been doing pretty well. I feel good, I don't feel "starving" or desperate. I found some good snacks, and some good "treats" main problem seems to be finding some good breakfasts. Any ideas? Since no one actually reads this blog I am more asking myself...hmm...I did try a d-lite breakfast bowl from jimmy dean this morning with potatoes, turkey sausage, egg whites and cheese and it was yummy and only 5 points. It was pretty filling too. I will probably try those again. I just get frustrated when I eat the same things over and over, or when I eat something and then am hungry an hour later. Anyway...something to work on.

But, i am happy that I am feeling good and don't want to binge, even with lots of good treats in the house. That is HUGE for me. :) I even bought my hubby drum sticks, one of my favorite desserts and i haven't even sneaked one. YAHOO me!