Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breakfast ideas?

I have been doing pretty well. I feel good, I don't feel "starving" or desperate. I found some good snacks, and some good "treats" main problem seems to be finding some good breakfasts. Any ideas? Since no one actually reads this blog I am more asking myself...hmm...I did try a d-lite breakfast bowl from jimmy dean this morning with potatoes, turkey sausage, egg whites and cheese and it was yummy and only 5 points. It was pretty filling too. I will probably try those again. I just get frustrated when I eat the same things over and over, or when I eat something and then am hungry an hour later. Anyway...something to work on.

But, i am happy that I am feeling good and don't want to binge, even with lots of good treats in the house. That is HUGE for me. :) I even bought my hubby drum sticks, one of my favorite desserts and i haven't even sneaked one. YAHOO me!


R and R said...

The drumstick thing takes major willpower! I am impressed! That is one thing that my family has hated about me dieting - no treats! I have NO willpower!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I usually have a fiber bar because it's fast and keeps my full. On the weekends I make egg white with weight watcher cheese mixed in, toast ( nature choice honey wheat light is 1 pt for 2 slices) and turkey sasuage (better than real sasuage!). Fiber One pancake mix is reallllly good too with light syurp (1 pt for 2 tbl sp.)

I lose more if I eat a bigger breakfast everyday. If you have the time....