Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feel the BURN...

So I am rather proud of myself. I have started doing step aerobics, granted its on the Wii fit, but still. Yesterday I did 25 minutes and today I did 20 minutes. My legs are slightly burning, but its a good burning. Burning calories. Each day the stepping equaled a little over half a mile each day. So, not too bad. It's a start, and its moving, which I wasn't doing before, so :)

I am hoping as I lose weight the exercise will increase. That I will feel more comfortable moving and be more willing to let my "jiggly parts" jiggle. Anyone else watch the biggest loser last night? Love that show...motivates me to keep is anyone else doing? I know not that many people read this, but i like hearing how everyone is doing!


R and R said...

Way to go on the exercising! I love Biggest Loser too! They give some great tips.

Tiffany said...

Go job, moving is moving...anything is better than sitting. I watched BL last night and was happy no one had to go home. I've been having an "OFFish" week. Some days doing better than others, but I have been doing reasonably and consistent with the exercise, which is a major goal for me. PMS is starting...ugh, always a tough time for me. Keep up the work! It's worth it in the end.