Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is a new thing for me...accountability. With this weight watchers/diet thing I am actually being accountable to someone...the most important person there is really, myself. Of course my husband, and family are important, and in fact they are MORE important to me. BUT, in losing weight I have to do it for me. And honestly this is the FIRST time I have actually done it for ME. Not because society said "you're too fat" or because I wanted to be a size 2 (although this would be nice) or because my husband wanted me stick thin (cause he doesn't, he loves my curves...why i dont know, but he does, really, i mean how lucky am i?) But, this time I am actually doing it for me. For my happiness. for MY health. For my sanity.

this is such a new thing for me. But I can honestly say in 7 and a half weeks I have written down EVERY SINGLE THING I have eaten. I have taken accountability for my choices. Have I always been proud? NO. Have I always been healthy? NO WAY. But, I have always been accountable. I have always said "wow, that wasn't so good. tomorrow will be better" Or I have said "tonight is a special occasion I am going to splurge." and I can also say I have not ONCE gone over my points for the week. Granted I have used my flex points almost every week, but NEVER gone over. That's HUGe for me. So today I am celebrating my accountablity.

I am thinking starting in Jan. I want a group to be accountable to and some healthy competition. But for right now I am accountable to me, and that feels GREAT!


Clenece said...

I believe you won my giveaway!