Wednesday, November 11, 2009

back slide

I got a couple comments/emails asking if I was still "kicking" "here" "etc". The answer is YES...the more in depth answer is "ummm...its been a weird week and a half and I gotta find my motivation again.

My husband and I headed to Ohio/Virginia/New Jersey last week for my dear cousins wedding. i decided I was going to have a fun week with food and "cheat" a bit...not stress...just be on vacation. And I had a blast (no not because of the food) it was just amazing to see my family! But, it has proven 100 times harder than I thought to get back in the "diet mode". Any ideas? Yes, I gained weight...blah. Im not putting that number up right now, cause it makes me pretty annoyed with myself. I am pretty down right now...not a good feeling.

So, starting tomorrow I need to revamp things. Now, that it is written down I will do it