Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am "almost" 2 weeks into being back on track, and things feel great! I have lost weight (no, i am not reporting it right now because I gained so much back over the holidays being off track and out of control) I am drinking water lots, and eating more fruits and vegetables than ever. my only "real" downfall right now is know, right before bed, when you are watching a movie with your hubby and are craving food...and not a carrot...real food...junk food...sweets...salts...whatever. At about 9 pm I always want a snack...always. I have been saving points to do just this...but eating that late is not good for me, i know it. Any ideas???


R and R said...

I have a couple tricks for night time snacking. One is air pop or low fat microwave popcorn. Spray with butter spray and top with molly mcbutter and /or popcorn salt. Still food but much better than chips, etc.

Another trick that will sound really weird but it has worked for me is to keep some chewable fiber pills on hand (I personally VERY MUCH prefer Benefiber chewables over Fiber Choice). Benefiber has 0 points and Fiber Choice is -1 point. This is actually how I broke my snacking habit. When that night snack attack would come along, I would eat two of those with a big glass of water. They give you just a little bit of sweet and put something in your belly. I honestly don't even crave night time snacks anymore!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Nighttime is so hard! I have less willpower or something. If I feel the urge to eat I just go brush my teeth and go to bed! A little extra sleep never hurt anyone!