Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where I have been lately...

Well to be honest I got frustrated! I started feeling super exhausted. I gained weight even following weight watchers to the tee. (like 10 lbs in a month, gag!) When I finally hit rock bottom and went to the DR they informed me that my thyroid had crashed and burned. I started on thyroid medicine right away and am feeling a little better..hopefully that continues to improve.

Also, on Dec 23rd I stepped down my stairs in our apartment and heard a loud pop in my left knee (no, not the one I had surgery on, but the "good knee") It hurt horribly for a week, when I went to the DR he said it seemed like I tore/pulled/hurt my meniscus and sent me to my orthopedist. The ortho said it was VERY likely I tore the meniscus...and sent me for an mri, which I will get the results of on Wed. REALLY? Can't I catch a break!

Either way, no matter if i need ANOTHER surgery or not I am starting back up on loosing weight on Monday. I am doing 2 different contests to help. One with a blog I follow, biggest loser style and the other with my amazing, wonderfully supportive 2nd family. Which there will be prizes and money every 3 months...So lots of motivation! My mom has lost 41 lbs since August...I want to follow her lead this time! Gotta stay motivated and accountable


R and R said...

Glad to see you back! Sorry about your knee. Hope things go better for you this year!