Thursday, July 1, 2010

Any ideas on de-stressing while pregnant. Everything everyone tells me is to keep calm, and healthy. But boy am I stressed beyond measure. Can't find a job, and as my due date creeps ever closer its harder to find an employer who will hire me. Money stinks! Also the fact that my stupid headaches are back and I am more nauseous now than ever in this pregnancy makes me hormonal, cranky, and stressed.

On a happy not though i am ALMOST half way done. Monday I will be 18 weeks...The baby is healthy and seems to be growing well. I am excited to know if its a boy or girl and to meet the little one. Hope everyone is well


HeatherH said...

Take lots of bubble baths! And it's okay to eat chocolate!

Don't forget to stay spiritually in tune. Attend the temple as much as you can now because it will be very hard to go after the baby is born. Do all you can to be worthy of Heavenly Father's blessings - trust in him and his plan for you!

Love you!

Becky said...

I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Babies are the greatest miracle. I enjoyed getting out and walking when I was pregnant. Not too far or too long, but just getting my blood moving and my heart pumping helped. You have so many great experiences coming! I ditto what HeatherH said. We do all we can and then trust and see what miracles come. D&C 123:17 is one of my favorite scriptures.
Take care!