Monday, November 1, 2010

Here we go once again...

Today is a new month, which means its time to start back on the band wagon of losing weight. I gained 27 lbs during my pregnancy...and have lost 17 of those lbs. But still I gotta go down. Til the start of the year I am just doing simple changes...not eating after 8, not eating too much sugar, etc. Focusing on moving more. Because I know that the holidays will be hard, so I am allowing myself "wiggle" room, but not too much. Im also going to try to post on here more.

Here's to another try!


REBYRYAN said...

Awesome job on the 17 pounds!! You can so do this! I'm trying to get back into that mode. I have been slowly creeping back up and want to nip it before it gets back out of control! You're awesome!