Monday, April 4, 2011

The good and the bad

The good: I am only 3 lbs above my starting pregnancy weight.
The Bad: I am 23 lbs higher than the lowest weight I got to.

The good: I am starting again
The bad: I am starting again

The good: I have stopped drinking regular soda
The bad: I was up to drinking an obscene amount of soda a day (now its just water, crystal lite, and an occasional diet soda)

The good: I am excited to start walking with Daren and going to the gym
The Bad: Although I am not sedentary I wasn't doing as much as I should

The good: i am watching my calories and making portion control choices
the bad: I was eating JUNK...lots of JUNK

The good: I can get rid of my diabetes by losing weight
the bad: I have diabetes and have to take medicine and insulin

So here's to making this a GOOD experience rather than a "BAD" one