Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moved and a weigh in

Today was weigh in day...down 2.4 lbs for a total of 9 so far. not too shabby if I do say so myself.

We are all moved in with my husbands parents. Not the ideal situation, but I can't work right now and he can't find a job, so we do what we must. My mother in law is doing weight watchers too, and has lost 35 lbs, so I am hoping her secret will wear off on me.

I know slow and steady is the way to I am happy. My jeans fit better and I have more energy. i wish there was a magic wand, especially when you have over 100 to lose, but overall I am pretty happy with my progress. I started Sept. 3rd...even my dr today said congrats. AND I had my A1C check (it measures the amount of sugar in my blood for the last 3 months) was the lowest its EVER been with a 6.4, so I know I am doing something right. Hopefully I can get off these diabetes drugs soon.

Til another day...celebrate the little things, because one day you just might realize they are really the big things!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

.2 Really?

Today was another weigh in. I am a little disappointed. I lost a whopping .2 lbs, yes .2 (not 2, not half, .2) I think its a combination of extreme stress trying to get packed and moved along with the fact that I ate dinner last night at 11pm. Not my smartest move ever. But its a new diet hopefully next week I can see a better number.

I need to just focus on the fact that it wasn't a gain. This is another issue I have with dieting...when I don't see a "significant" move on the scale I get really discouraged, especially when I am working SO hard. But I am keeping my head up and moving forward, its just discouraging...does anyone else see gains and want to quit?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Kicking

I am still here and kicking. Starting week 3. Although I am in the middle of packing and moving so I am not too sure how the eating will go this week, but so far I have personally been very proud of myself. I honestly cannot remember the last time I said that (about ANYTHING).

I don't weigh in again until Thursday (but I had a dr appointment today) and he told me "congratulations" its a great start. So that made me feel good. Plus I have seen "little" changes like I can now wear my wedding ring again (I stopped wearing it when I was about 28 weeks pregnant) and this is the first time since then (over a year) that it fits. I also have a pair of capris that I hadn't worn since Sara was born...I wore them this weekend no problem. So that's encouraging.

Honestly the biggest change is me...I feel proud and accomplished. its slow, but I am ok with that because I know that's the best way. Another thing that has really changed for me this time around...I use to "mess up" my diet by eating something "bad" and I would go "oh well, I messed up, no more diet" and I would quit. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not this time...I haven't made perfect choices, but I start with the next meal and do better. We had a party for my daughter's birthday Saturday and I had allotted to eat a piece of cake to celebrate. No biggie...but we had leftovers and the next morning I ate a piece for breakfast. Rather than freak out...I took the cake and got it out of my house first. Then for lunch I had lots of veggies and fruit and had a nice balanced dinner. I didn't let one slip up stop me, which again, for me is NEW.

So...I know Im on the right track.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

first weigh in

I started this time on my journey last Monday, but my aunt started weight watchers with me on Thursday, so we decided to weigh in on Thursdays. So, this morning I weighed in and lost 6.4lbs. I will tell you I have never ever worked so hard at my diet in my life. I really was mindful of what I was eating and when. When I was full verses stressed or what not. I know some of it is water weight and that it will be slower after this week, especially with packing and moving. But, for here, now, and today I am proud to say I am down over 6lbs.

Friday, September 9, 2011

quite proud actually

I just had to blog a success I had, which may seem small to some, but for me its huge. My husband and I went out to lunch today to one of my favorite places ever. Its called Rice King, its a whole in the wall Chinese place in Provo...anyway..they have a lunch special fr 5.00 including a drink, soup,egg roll, entree and rice. EVERY single time I have gone there I eat it ALL...not some or most, but ALL. Today, I ate half my soup (which was yummy but super hot). Then as soon as my plate arrived I cut it in half, and I realized this whole time i have been eating at least 2 cups of fried rice and 2 cups of the meat entree. that's A LOT! Plus i would drink regular full sugar soda. Not today. I knew my points and what i was going to eat before I got there...and i only ate half, the other half is in my refrigerator...its still high in pts and I wouldn't do it everyday by any means, but it was a nice treat for us. but, the best part? I FEEL FULL! I didn't feel deprived seeing food left on my plate or seeing it in that to go box.

I know this is small, but for me I need to acknowledge the little steps to get to the big steps. I am making progress and my body is responding. today also I am finally seeing lower blood sugar numbers, and I have taken less insulin today than ever before. So its all on the up and up...things like this make me think i can actually do this. YAY!

Also, a couple recent pictures so I can see a starting point....

weight watchers

My darling Aunt paid for my online membership to weight watchers so we could do it together and be supportive to each other. I like and enjoyed using it,but since weight watchers is being paid for I am going to do that for a while.

So far on day 5 I am feeling really good. Getting my water in, not drinking soda, eating better, more fruits and veggies, and making conscious choices. we will see what the scale shows...hopefully we are friends

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

exercise opinions?

So all you (the whole 2 or 3 of you who read this)...I have HORRIBLE knees, i had knee surgery just a few weeks ago, and I am super scared to hurt them again while trying to workout. But I know i need to. is walking best? is there a good dvd that is low impact on knees? pool? any ideas or suggestions.

Also, I learned that I shouldnt eat dinner at 9pm, snack ok, but not dinner...i get too hungry. I ate last night late because my hubby has class til 830. And I felt RAVENOUS...not cool.

But so far on my 3rd day of this time around I feel good. I feel strong. and i have done great. No soda. Getting my water in. At or under my calories everyday. So i feel good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

suprise, suprise

here I am again! however, this time something is, my determination, my motivation...all changed.

I recently had knee surgery and my dr told me i have to get control of my diabetes and weight or I will need a knee replacement. He also told me I had 50 year old knees. it was a shock, and a wake up call. Also, I was wearing a knee brace, and because of how big I am and how tight it was I got a rash..because my diabetes hasn't been under control it still has not healed and its been OVER a month!

I am sad to say that the diabetes didn't bother me much because my mom had it and my sister had it. gosh! that should have been the wakeup sister died from hers. I need to take control.

So, i am on day 2 of my starting over and so far I feel great. I am on plan, I feel better and i dont feel hungry. I haven't done much moving/exercising yet, but that'll come. So, here's to another time around....has anyone else started and stopped as often as I have??? seriously!