Thursday, September 22, 2011

.2 Really?

Today was another weigh in. I am a little disappointed. I lost a whopping .2 lbs, yes .2 (not 2, not half, .2) I think its a combination of extreme stress trying to get packed and moved along with the fact that I ate dinner last night at 11pm. Not my smartest move ever. But its a new diet hopefully next week I can see a better number.

I need to just focus on the fact that it wasn't a gain. This is another issue I have with dieting...when I don't see a "significant" move on the scale I get really discouraged, especially when I am working SO hard. But I am keeping my head up and moving forward, its just discouraging...does anyone else see gains and want to quit?


REBYRYAN said...

Just from personal experience...eating late at night before a weigh in really does have a HUGE impact on the scale! Don't worry about too much.

And it is still a loss...not a gain so that is definitely a positive!