Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moved and a weigh in

Today was weigh in day...down 2.4 lbs for a total of 9 so far. not too shabby if I do say so myself.

We are all moved in with my husbands parents. Not the ideal situation, but I can't work right now and he can't find a job, so we do what we must. My mother in law is doing weight watchers too, and has lost 35 lbs, so I am hoping her secret will wear off on me.

I know slow and steady is the way to I am happy. My jeans fit better and I have more energy. i wish there was a magic wand, especially when you have over 100 to lose, but overall I am pretty happy with my progress. I started Sept. 3rd...even my dr today said congrats. AND I had my A1C check (it measures the amount of sugar in my blood for the last 3 months) was the lowest its EVER been with a 6.4, so I know I am doing something right. Hopefully I can get off these diabetes drugs soon.

Til another day...celebrate the little things, because one day you just might realize they are really the big things!


Tiffany said...

Way to go!! I'm seriously happy for you. Sorry that you guys had to move, but you must make things work. Just FYI, there really is no "secret" to weight loss. There are techniques though. If you want an interesting book recommendation, read "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes. I think it would be helpful for you. Keep going strong!