Friday, September 9, 2011

quite proud actually

I just had to blog a success I had, which may seem small to some, but for me its huge. My husband and I went out to lunch today to one of my favorite places ever. Its called Rice King, its a whole in the wall Chinese place in Provo...anyway..they have a lunch special fr 5.00 including a drink, soup,egg roll, entree and rice. EVERY single time I have gone there I eat it ALL...not some or most, but ALL. Today, I ate half my soup (which was yummy but super hot). Then as soon as my plate arrived I cut it in half, and I realized this whole time i have been eating at least 2 cups of fried rice and 2 cups of the meat entree. that's A LOT! Plus i would drink regular full sugar soda. Not today. I knew my points and what i was going to eat before I got there...and i only ate half, the other half is in my refrigerator...its still high in pts and I wouldn't do it everyday by any means, but it was a nice treat for us. but, the best part? I FEEL FULL! I didn't feel deprived seeing food left on my plate or seeing it in that to go box.

I know this is small, but for me I need to acknowledge the little steps to get to the big steps. I am making progress and my body is responding. today also I am finally seeing lower blood sugar numbers, and I have taken less insulin today than ever before. So its all on the up and up...things like this make me think i can actually do this. YAY!

Also, a couple recent pictures so I can see a starting point....


HanksFam said...

Good luck Heather! I'll be cheering you on down here. My mom is doing nutrisystem right now. Your daughter is beautiful, by the way.

REBYRYAN said...

Yeah!! Isn't that the best feeling!? Keep it up girl!