Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Kicking

I am still here and kicking. Starting week 3. Although I am in the middle of packing and moving so I am not too sure how the eating will go this week, but so far I have personally been very proud of myself. I honestly cannot remember the last time I said that (about ANYTHING).

I don't weigh in again until Thursday (but I had a dr appointment today) and he told me "congratulations" its a great start. So that made me feel good. Plus I have seen "little" changes like I can now wear my wedding ring again (I stopped wearing it when I was about 28 weeks pregnant) and this is the first time since then (over a year) that it fits. I also have a pair of capris that I hadn't worn since Sara was born...I wore them this weekend no problem. So that's encouraging.

Honestly the biggest change is me...I feel proud and accomplished. its slow, but I am ok with that because I know that's the best way. Another thing that has really changed for me this time around...I use to "mess up" my diet by eating something "bad" and I would go "oh well, I messed up, no more diet" and I would quit. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not this time...I haven't made perfect choices, but I start with the next meal and do better. We had a party for my daughter's birthday Saturday and I had allotted to eat a piece of cake to celebrate. No biggie...but we had leftovers and the next morning I ate a piece for breakfast. Rather than freak out...I took the cake and got it out of my house first. Then for lunch I had lots of veggies and fruit and had a nice balanced dinner. I didn't let one slip up stop me, which again, for me is NEW.

So...I know Im on the right track.


REBYRYAN said...

Way to go! That is awesome! I'm proud of you too! Keep up the good work. And you are spot on, slow and steady is the way to do it. Not quitting on the diet because you had a bad meal really is a HUGE step!

BTW - I can't believe she can possibly be a year old! That is insane...

Tiffany said...

You are doing great! It truly comes down to choices. If you make a bad one, move on. Celebrate the good ones though. When you look at it a meal at a time, it kinda takes the power away from food. It's fuel for your body allowing you to do the things you want/need to. Make the best choices you can most of the time, enjoy a piece of cake from time to time...and then move on. Keep up the good work!