Tuesday, September 6, 2011

suprise, suprise

here I am again! however, this time something is, my determination, my motivation...all changed.

I recently had knee surgery and my dr told me i have to get control of my diabetes and weight or I will need a knee replacement. He also told me I had 50 year old knees. it was a shock, and a wake up call. Also, I was wearing a knee brace, and because of how big I am and how tight it was I got a rash..because my diabetes hasn't been under control it still has not healed and its been OVER a month!

I am sad to say that the diabetes didn't bother me much because my mom had it and my sister had it. gosh! that should have been the wakeup sister died from hers. I need to take control.

So, i am on day 2 of my starting over and so far I feel great. I am on plan, I feel better and i dont feel hungry. I haven't done much moving/exercising yet, but that'll come. So, here's to another time around....has anyone else started and stopped as often as I have??? seriously!


Tiffany said...

Don't focus on the negative. Sometimes it's hard, but just keep going. If you have a bad day, shrug it off and move on. This isn't about being perfect. Make changes and choices you can live with. Read and educate yourself on nutrition. Who care's how many times you've stopped and started? What matters is now! What matters is staying around for your baby. YOU CAN DO THIS! Glad you joined's a great tool. :hugs:

REBYRYAN said...

You can so do this! I did the start/stop thing every time I had a baby. Used that as my excuse! Horrible excuse really because that is when I should be at my healthiest! But here I am now and I'm not turning back! And you can do it to! I wish you the best! I know you will do great!