Sunday, November 13, 2011

23 lbs gone

My weigh in on Thursday put me down another 1.2 lbs. For a total of 23 lbs. I feel like things are working, but I seriously can't stop eating sugar. So, I maybe under my calories/pts, but I am sure not eating the right things. I know why I am craving/wanting/eating sugar, but I have NO willpower. Where do you buy willpower by the way?

Like tonight, dinner was good...lean pork loin, baked potato and fruit cup. But after everyone was eating ice cream and magic shell (I MEAN MAGIC SHELL>>>YUMMMM) So, of course i had to have some. Granted I only had about 1/2 a cup instead of half a gallon. But that magic shell...its 6 pts for 2 tbs. BUT, after that I told my hubby "Hey, I want to go for a walk" so he QUICKLY jumped up and got everything ready for us to go. So as a family we went for a walk, only 15 minutes, but 15 minutes more than normal.

So, in general I am making improvements, but I am having a hard time on other things and I am having a hard time appreciating my improvements. I need to focus on inches too, cause I have lost TONS of those. But I will gladly take tips and tricks from my 2 or 3 readers.

Til next weigh in.


REBYRYAN said...

Sounds to me like you're doing great! It's not going to be an overnight change. That was one of the hardest things for me to accept. I wanted to get on this "healthy bandwagon" and never step off. But I did, a LOT! The important thing is to keep going...just like you're doing! You're doing GREAT!