Saturday, November 26, 2011

anohter weigh in

The 17th I skipped my weigh in. my hubby and I got a free hotel room and went out to dinner, and then went to an all you can eat brazillian grill with our friends to celebrate our friend's birthday. I knew it would stress me out, and I knew it wouldn't be accurate. So on Thanksgiving morning I weighed in, down another 3.4 lbs, for a total of 26.4 since September 5th. So not too shabby. I think I have a decent shot of losing 35 by the end of the year. Not sure with all the celebrating holidays, but Im right on track.

This is the first time losing weight that I actually feel like I can do this. That for once I may be able to get the weight off for good. and that my friends is very motivating. Its slow, but it feels good. And I honestly don't think I have ever felt "good" losing weight. Nice change.

So here's to another week of doing good. :)


REBYRYAN said...

AWESOME!! Way to go! :)