Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Weigh in

Well the good news is I lost the 2 lbs I gained, and an additional 1.8. So I am down 21.8 since starting. HOWEVER< my big excitement today is that I am finally back under 300, BARELY, but it still logged in at 299.8. SO, Im counting it. Now to just get far enough from the 3's that its hard to go back there.

Im still craving sugar, especially the INSANE amounts of halloween candy around our house (from my daughter and our 6 year old nephew) plus I bought A TON of candy, because I got it for .50-1.00 a bag for the good stuff, then like no one came trick or treating. But I have learned to limit myself. So I guess if I still lost it wasn't "that bad" but I still need to cut sugar more. I want off this insulin.


REBYRYAN said...

Love the positive attitude! Great job on the weight loss. I have the same problem with the candy (having 5 trick or treaters at my house) :). We just have to plug away!