Monday, January 9, 2012

first weigh in of 12 week challenge

I lost 2 lbs (actually it was 2.6, but only get credit for 2 lbs) MY first goal of the year is to be down a total of 35 lbs by Thursday (which were made when I was weighing in on Thursdays) so I tweaked it to be Mondays instead. Since I am down 34.8 so far I can easily hit the 35 by next monday. And hopefully start full swing on my way to losing 50lbs.

I am super sore. Tearing ligaments and tendons in your shoulder HURTS! I made my hubby pull out the WII fit board from storage because I can still step and do some of the wii fit stuff with my arm, but Im going to skip aqua aerobics this week to heal a little then get back in it next week.

Have a healthy week all!


REBYRYAN said...

So just curious, why do you only get credit for 2 pounds? Way to go on keeping up with the weight loss. You're doing awesome!

Heather said...

no worries. because they only count full lbs lost, not half or partial lbs (although they will be counted next week when it gets up to full lbs if that makes sense) you get pts for losing a lb, for maintaining and you lose pts for gaining. Im just doing my fitness pal for this week, I think. Im sure Ill use it once my generous aunt stops paying for weight watchers.