Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who does that?

Today I was finally feeling a teeny tiny bit less sore since hurting my shoulder, so I ran a couple errands. I forgot to bring snacks. I brought water, but was SO hungry by the time I was in the middle of my errands not to mention an almost 16 month old starving too. So I decided to grab a subway salad on my way home. (good choice right?) well sara can't really eat that and she was having a MAJOR melt down. So I drove across the street and bought her chik-fil-a nuggets. I bought 8. Who in their rational mind thinks a 16 month old can eat 8 nuggets? Yeah...needless to say I ended up eating 4 of them, 2 1/2 are still in the box and her high chair. I mean it wasnt the end of the world to eat them, and I didn't eat them all...but man it was a slip up. The smell was intoxicating. But I learned my lesson. Make sure I have stuff to snack on in my granola bars, almonds, etc.


Tiffany said...

Been there, done that. It's okay. Keep things clean for the rest of the day and don't beat yourself up too bad. But yeah, keep a few snacks in the car for emergencies :)

REBYRYAN said...

LOL! Okay, I'm laughing at myself here. Do you know how many times I have done that and never, ever thought to have a few snacks handy in the car!? I'm such a dork! But yeah, that's a GREAT idea!