Saturday, February 18, 2012

An accomplishment

This is small and silly, but for me its HUGE, so I am writing about it. Today my sister and law and me were going to take the kiddos swimming at a local rec center. But last night both our kids started coughing, and having runny noses, so we canceled. Well we had told my 6 year old nephew about it and i knew he would be bummed if we didn't do something. SO, I told him if he finished all his chores he could go grocery shopping with me and get ice cream. Our local grocery store sells HUGE ice cream cones for .69 each. So off we went. He got a chocolate ice cream cone dipped in bubble gum (GAG) and I got Sara (my 17 month old) a plain vanilla cone. I told the guy it was for the baby and to only do a tiny bit. He didn't listen. Anyway, Sara ate about a total of a tablespoon of ice cream and then was totally done. What did I do with my MOST FAVORITE TREAT EVER?

I threw it away. Yes, I took the whole cone/cup (almost a full cup of ice cream) and tossed it out rather than eating it. So, this whole week I have had NO TREATS, NO SUGAR (except what's in drinks, juice, pepsi) So i am pretty proud of myself. Throwing away ice cream is huge for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream. So its a small step for some but a huge one for me.

Here's to hoping the scale shows my discipline this week cause I have also gotten ALL my water and then some. And I will finally get full pts on my get fit challenge for not eating sweets. YAHOO!


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REBYRYAN said...

Way to go! That is AWESOME!

scrapgoddess said...

Only a fellow ice cream lover can truly understand what an awesome accomplishment that is. I am very impressed with your will power! You are a Goddess!!!!