Friday, February 3, 2012

Another slump

I seriously am just in a slump. I blamed it on my mishap in wendover. But it's just sticking around. I think my whole life I have turned to food/junk when I was in pain (any pain) hence how i got up to over 300 lbs. And this past month I have been in constant pain, even more than normal. So I have turned to "my regular outlet". Mostly I have just been drinking my regular pepsi again. But this past week its been sweets and soda and just blah. I found out i have to go get an MRI on my shoulder, as the physical therapy hasn't helped at all and the physical therapist thinks it's going to need surgery. I hope not, but I DO know that it is constantly in pain. I can't even pick up my daughter without tears. Plus I have had a migraine for 5 days straight.

Habits are super hard to break. This one is the worst. I eat to stuff feelings...and I still do. I am not 100% sure how to break this habit. Except I know this time I keep getting back on's like my tracks keep switching and i have to keep jumping back and forth and its not so fun or encouraging. Any tips?