Thursday, February 23, 2012

blah, i may vomit

I need to confess. I just caved in and made cookies with my daughter and nephew....and man i way way over did it. i wasn't going to eat any, but hot fresh chocolate chip cookies i couldn't turn down. now i may be sick. i may have eaten a few (think 5...holy blah) that was a HUGE slip up. I think i am just discouraged. my shoulder isn't healing. i hurt, im tired. sara is sick again. so i gave in. back on the wagon now, but i had to confess to blogger land so i wouldn't go eat more. yeah, how does that make sense? i ate enough cookies to make me sick but i want more? ill never understand


REBYRYAN said...

I so hear you! I CANNOT make cookies (especially the chocolate chip variety) for that very reason. But it is one day. Just keep going in the right direction. One thing that helps me is I always give my kids a couple of cookies and then load up a plate or two and take them to the neighbors! :)