Thursday, February 16, 2012


As far back as I can remember I have always had to shop in the plus size specialty stores/section. usually the clothes you get to choose from are NOT cute, flattering or fun. And they are expensive. I mean when you weigh 300 lbs do you really want to wear a pink and polka dot shirt? Anyway, one thing I have been looking forward to as I lose weight (besides the obvious) is to buy some cute clothes.

The other day (for valentines day) I decided to try on some jeans I bought a while ago to wear when i lost weight. The fit. They buttoned and fit, but they are still tight. They still give me a muffin top. But they are a size 22 instead of a 26/28 like when I started. Not a HUGE difference, but still a few sizes down. Im also in 2x mostly. Not 3's. Again not a huge difference, but its going down.

Can't wait to be in the teen sizes and no "X" in my shirt size.

Heres to a cute new outfit~


REBYRYAN said...

Yay! Shopping in a different section is definitely a huge adjustment (a fun one though)!