Monday, February 13, 2012

Goals for this week, oh yeah and a weigh in

Today was weigh in day. I wasn't suprised with what I saw, but I sure was disappointed. I gained 1/2 lb. I am just struggling. This week I had 2 date nights with the hubby (WHICH NEVER EVER EVER happens), a baby shower for my best friend and her twins, and a family valentines day party. Food, food and more food. I just have no will power. Is that what that magic thing that lets people stop eating crap is called? hmm...maybe I can buy that on ebay?

Anyway...I reviewed my food and activity this week, and it all lacked. I didn't drink all my water, which I KNOW is a big contributor. Plus I ate A LOT of sugar (think cheese cake, peanut butter bars, etc). I also ate a lot of carbs (pasta, bread, etc). I didn't work out as hard or as much with my shoulder. Its just been a tough week. Well to be honest its been a tough couple weeks.

I am feeling really defeated today. I know I am not. I know I can do things different this week, but its frustrating. SO...

Goals this week. 1. NO TREATS! I have sugar free pudding and 100% fruit bars that I will have if i am desperate for sugar. THis should be something I do anyway with my diabetes, but I don't. I admit it, i am not perfect, in fact I am not even sure what that is. 2. make sure i drink at least 8 glasses of water EVERY SINGLE DAY! 3. get enough sleep.

Hopefully those small changes will show a couple pound loss on the scale. I am exactly 2 lbs away from 40 lbs lost. It'd be nice to hit that, then move on. This weigh loss thing is super hard. BUt I am going to do it. It will not win, not this time.


Tiffany said...

I ♥ your goals for the week. Just keep working at it. You can do this!!