Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ring

When Daren and I got married it was the happiest and hardest time in my life. There was A LOT going on. I missed my sister during the planning, but it was so exciting. I loved my fiancee, my ring, the dress, i loved it all. Well I never ever in my wildest nightmares thought there'd come a time when my wedding ring no longer fit, except maybe when I got pregnant.

Well that wasn't the case. It got tight not too long after we got married. I kept wearing it but every night had to take it off. Then when I got pregnant it wouldn't fit at all. It was SO tight I stopped wearing it altogether. I wasnt able to wear it after Sara was born either. It made me sad. I mean i KNOW its just a symbol. I know it didn't matter, but it made me super depressed and sad.

Well it fits! In fact its loose. I LOVE wearing my ring again. It more than most things marks my progress. :)

Life is good right now. I am 9 days NO SUGAR! YAY ME!


scrapgoddess said...

What a wonderful feeling! I'm so glad you are enjoying all these Non-Scale-Victories! We need to be kind to ourselves and congratulate us on all of the fantabulous things we do even if it can't be measured by a number on the scale! So Congratulations!

Human In Progress said...

Oh wow! I am so happy for you!

I tried on my wedding and engagement rings today and felt pretty sad because despite losing almost 20 pounds, I can't get them any further down my finger than before. I think I have to lose another 40 pounds before I can actually wear them again. It IS really disheartening because I feel like my inability to wear them symbolizes me failing my husband/our relationship. I keep meaning to do a post about this, so your post here caught my eye.

It gives me hope. :)