Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day

Yesterday was such a lovely day. I am not a "fan" of valentine's day. I never have been. I have always thought "why do I need a day to tell my hubby/daughter/friends/family I love them? Shouldn't I tell them/show them everyday?" But needless to say we still usually do dinner or something. Yesterday we were lucky in that Daren didn't have to work at all. SO we spent the WHOLE day together, which was such a special treat.

I stuck to making sure I drank all my water and I still didn't have a single treat/sweet. I did go over calories/points and had a cheat day where I didn't count really. BUT, in my opinion it was absolutely worth it. I loved spending time with my hubby. We went to lunch with our daughter. I got roses. We gave each other cards. We went shopping (I had money for a couple new outfits/jeans/etc from Christmas and it had been burning a hole long enough - more on what I got tomorrow) then we went and saw the Vow with Rachel McAdam's and Channing Tatum...OMG! It was SO my kind of movie. Cheesy, predictable, romantic, tear jerking love story. I loved the idea behind the movie, and I found out its a true story..made me like it more. Then we did late night appetizers for half off. What a great day.

Today still getting my water in. Did my exercise, still just sticking to the Wii fit thanks to the shoulder, but i know i am at least still moving, so its a plus. and still no treats/sugar. (although, confession: I did drink Pepsi yesterday. GASP! I am addicted. that's my hardest thing while dieting. but I'm not counting that against me, as i can't give up both at the same time)

Also, here's a picture just for fun of me today. I don't see much difference in me, but i had a camera out and figured why not try.


REBYRYAN said...

Ummmmm...I can see a HUGE difference in your face! I even had to scroll cleeeeeaaaarrrr back to this post: just to make sure I wasn't crazy. Look at the two pictures side by side! You're doing AWESOME!!

Tiffany said...

There is a change! Keep up the good work! Sounds like a fun day. Keep working on making the changes. It's a daily choice. You are doing great!