Monday, February 20, 2012

The weigh in 2/20/12

Today was weigh in day and I was nervous since last week saw a gain. Mostly I think I was nervous because I tracked RELIGIOUSLY, drank all my water (and more), and didn't eat any sugar (and oh boy there were temptations). But the scale was kind today. I lost 4.8 lbs this week. YAY! So that's a total of 42.8 lbs since September when I started this journey again.

So basically it showed me a few things: 1. I CAN stay motivated and keep a goal, if I work really really hard. Let me tell you thought....passing on ice cream, doughnuts, cookies and candy was SO HARD! i felt like I was missing out. I hated it. BUT, it has made a difference in the weight. I had more energy for a couple days, but then got a stupid migraine, don't know what that's about. 2. Water in take or lack thereof makes a huge difference too. That I can do. 3. Its good to tell people your plans for the week. Its a good thing to be accountable.

This week? Hmm...I think im going to stick to the water goal. Up my exercise (for my challenge this week Im supposed to do 60 minutes a day...not sure my body or mind can do that, but ill give it a go). and I think Ill stick to the no sweets thing, until Saturday (saturday the hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary, so i am going to have cheesecake that the hotel provides) Other than that wish me luck. here's hoping next week is just as good.


REBYRYAN said...

Way to go! That motivates me to get my butt in gear!

scrapgoddess said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for your success!