Monday, February 6, 2012

Weigh in and reflecting on January

The first weigh in of each month I record my weight for my ticker here on blogger (see right side) that happens to be today. Todays' weigh in I was down 1 lb, not as much as I had hoped but good considering January was rough and it was still a loss for the month. The month of January I lost 5 lbs. Its not much, and part of me is disappointed. BUT, then I remember that's 5 lbs that are gone, off, not coming back. Its a this month I refocus and make February even better.

I am recommitting to tracking everything. I kind of got slacked on recording my food in take for just got boring/slow/too time consuming. And I think it made a difference. I know 1-2lbs a week is good, I just want more. I want to meet all my goals on weight loss this year. I want to reach an "overweight BMI" rather than obese and then onto "normal BMI" oh man what will that feel like? Hmm....wait and see cause it WILL happen.

Im off to make my little one some breakfast. Have a great Monday all and remember today is a new day


Tiffany said...

You are doing great! Sometimes it's difficult when it doesn't come off quite as fast as we want. Just keep working at it. Have a great week!!

REBYRYAN said...

Seriously, you are doing awesome
! I was looking over your goals and I really love how you set attainable goals. Nothing drives me more crazy than to see someone set a goal to lose 20 pounds in a month and then see them get frustrated when that doesn't happen! Eleven pounds to your next mini goal!! You so have this one! :)