Friday, February 10, 2012

Weighing in...your thoughts welcome

So here's the often should you weigh in? do you weigh in everyday? every week? and which one counts as the "real weigh in?" I ask this because I have ALWAYS, my whole life been obsessed over my weight. MY mom was overweight, morbidly obese and my father was tall and super, super stick thin. So it was a topic of discussion my whole life. I remember being in kindergarden and being told I was "chubby" and then when I was about 12 I was told I couldn't make a certain outfit for 4-h sewing because "i was too big to pull it off". Anyway...back on topic. Because I have always been obsessed with weight I have always weighed myself more than what I consider normal (or what I think other people do= normal)

I suffered for years and years with a pretty bad eating disorder. I was hospitalized twice and did outpatient work at eating disorder centers for years and years. When I was really sick I would weigh 15-20 times a day. I was a freshman at BYU here in Provo, Utah and I was miserable. I was taking 18 credits, working 2 jobs, had a huge responsibility at church (relief society 1st counserlor for those who know or care), and never slept. I was friends with everyone, but never really did a lot with people..I was either working or studying so I was kind of alone a little. And I was the biggest girl on my entire floor, heck in my entire church at that time. (yes, I compared myself to ALL those girls and feel short each and every time) so anyway...I had already been hospitalized twice by this point and was "allowed" to go off to college with the understanding I was "healed". Well, all those things above combined to make me crazy. I bought a scale and weighed in every single chance I got. If it went up AT ALL each of those times I made myself throw up. (crazy i know) I got really sick. I was in and out of drs and hospitals. I was weak, i was was not a fun time for me.

(Disclaimer: I am now 99.9% healed from the eating disorder...I still have thoughts of binging and purging. And there is a constant voice in my head telling me to throw up, especially if I over eat. But I have learned to ignore it) Fastforward to meeting my hubby. He thought I was beautiful, well, at least once he realized he liked me. He has ALWAYS been supportive of me, and my struggles with weight. He knew about the eating disorder and all my past things. And we made a deal that I would only be able to diet if I weighed in just once a week. Now, he knows I have broke that rule before, but lately I want to break it daily. Our scale is in the bathroom (its my MIL's and since we live with them I don't have much control over where it is) and everytime I change my daughters diaper, go to the bathroom, shower, or brush my teeth I think about weighing in. Usually I can control it to just once a day, but it still feels obsessive and odd. Does that make sense?

SO, I am asking often do you weigh in? Is it normal to want to/to weigh in everyday? Any suggestions. This all came on because this week I have been weighing everyday and its been discouraging see the numbers go up and then not move. Especially since I am on track. Who knows. Maybe monday will show different.

Thanks lovelys! Have a great day!


Megan said...

Wellllll I do weigh in everyday, but only once. I weigh in before I take a shower everyday, after that I've eaten and drank stuff so the number will reflect that and won't be what I consider my 'true' number. BUT if the number is affecting you this much you should stick to just once a week. I'm sorry to hear about the struggles you've had with your weight! I've struggled my whole life with my weight too, but never had an eating disorder, good for you for recognizing and treating it!!!

scrapgoddess said...

It is normal to want to weigh in every day ... we want to see progress and we want to see it NOW! LOL... but truly you are going to be happier if you only weigh in once a week. It is too much pressure to expect things to change overnight. There are too many variables in a day and even in a week that your weight is just going to fluctuate dramatically day over day. Once a week -- set a time, same time each week, wear the same clothes, have a ritual so that you know there are fewer variables ... even then there will still be times that the scale doesn't seem to reflect how hard you have been working. Maybe you should move the scale out of the way somewhere you can't see it ... or at least somewhere you have to go and get it off a top shelf or something. Do you have a weight loss buddy? Maybe they could keep the scale at their house and you have a 'weigh-in' date once a week. You know I have always struggled with my weight and I am trying to get back on track now. I know that you will be successful and look forward to celebrating with you as you reach your goals!

Tiffany said...

Ahhh, the scale. I used to get so crazy about the number. Then I read something that helped.... the number is just a reflection of Earth's gravitational pull on your body at any given time. You would weigh much more on Mars because the pull of gravity there is much stronger...does that make you any thinner or fatter? Nope. So many factors go into your "weight" that I try not to pay too close attention to it. I track the basic trend, but I started lifting weights and exercising more again which usually causes the scale to stall. I know that, and I'm okay with it. The scale isn't always going to reflect all the factors. For the record, I weigh 3-6 times a day. I find it entertaining to see how different things effect my "weight". But that's me. If weighing that often were causing me to have unhealthy thoughts it would be a different story. FYI- Mondays are usually my official weigh-in days.

REBYRYAN said...

When I was in the process of losing my weight, it was a major effort to get myself to only weigh in once a day. Yes it is normal to want to weigh in a lot, but yes, it also can totally mess with the mental aspect of weight loss (which in my opinion is 80% or more of the battle).

Now, I weigh once a week (or less) just to make sure I am staying on track.

When I do weigh, it is always in the morning after I go to bathroom but before I eat and I try to weigh in the same clothes just to make it more consistent.

Keep up the good work! It's awesome that you are recognizing a trigger and trying to nip it before it becomes a real problem! Love you!

Lauren said...

I was about to post and then read scrapgoddess's post, whihc was basically exactly what I wanted to say. :) Your body has natural fluctuations, so it's best to only weigh in once a week at the same time of day you weighed in before. Keep at it Heather! Try not to focus so much on the numbers but on being healthy. I have heard that "Women, Food, and God" is a VERY good book! I had no idea about your previous discorder (you hid it well!), but I am so proud of you for going through it and making it where you are today. You are amazing!

:: ashley :: said...

I personally weigh myself every morning right when I havent eaten for a good 12 hours (sleeping) and right before I get in the shower so the clothes dont add to the pounds- I think weighing every day is a good thing personally- I think its a good way to celebrate small victories and make you accountable for any slip ups, and have it just be a pound gain instead of waiting to the end of the week and seeing a 5 pound gain- weighing every day helps stay on top of things like that!