Monday, April 30, 2012

Weigh in

i was actually terrified to weigh in this morning, as Daren and I made a last minute trip out of town for the weekend to celebrate him finishing another semester of school. I tracked everything I ate and drank (including a 32 oz pepsi) and suprisingly didn't go over my weekly pts total. So, the scale this morning was down 2 lbs. So 45 lbs gone. It feels good to be back on track. Now I just gotta keep the momentum going. I see the orthopedic dr next week for hopefully my final follow up visit, so lets hope after that i can get back to exercise. Yay. Here's to a good week!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

random check in

Hi all! It's thursday, which means the week is almost over and guess what!? I have been 100% on track. I feel so much better this week (except for being tired (always) and my shoulder hurting) I stepped on the scale this morning just to check and so far the scales LOVING being back on track too. We will see how it goes officially on Monday. But it looks like I am on track and headed for my first loss in over a month. YAY! This morning I was in the kitchen doing some dishes and my darling hubby walks in and says "don't get mad or offended." then he paused and I took a deep breath ready to be both and he said "but those capri's you're wearing are WAY too big. you shouldn't wear them again." I literally laughed out loud. Who could be mad at that? I mean seriously. He's so cute and supportive. I sure love him. Welp I hear Sara stirring from her good look to all the rest of the week.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally back on track

YAY~ Today I was 100% back on track. Drank all my water. Got my fruits and veggies and stayed within my points for the day. I call that success since I haven't been able to do that since the beginning of March. So here's to losing this week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes I honestly wonder why I try?

Yeah, the blog title about sums up my feelings right now. So, you know that blissful vacation I went on? You know my plan where I "thought" i could go and watch my eating without tracking.? Where I "thought" I'd be fine and only gain 1-2 lbs? Yeah! Didn't happen. I gained a lot. Like as much as it took me over a month to lose. I am still not sure how I gained THAT much. Well, kind of I do. I ate out...A LOT, like every single meal. I also fell back into drinking soda and we weren't super active. I blame some of the gain on flying but only some. SO to be accountable here's what I gained...I gained 19 lbs. YES, you read that right in 7 days I gained almost as much as my 18 month old weighs.

It has thrown me for a loop. I have since lost that entire amount and am now back to where I was when I left for Ohio on March 6Th. But you know what? I can't get back on track. Everyday I have good intentions but something happens. I am in this FUNK that I can't seem to claw out of. That's why I have avoided writing on here. I am ashamed. I am embarrassed. I am mad.

I'm not sure what to do or how to get back on track. After Ohio came my birthday, then shoulder surgery, which has me in a sling for 3 more weeks still. So I think that's part of the funk too. But honestly I am trying to get out of this...just don't know how. And I know my mini goal of losing 50 lbs is next week and it makes me SO mad I am going to miss it. I should be happy I have lost 43 lbs and kept it off but I am not. I am mad. I hate myself right now. Its not a happy place. SO please any encouraging words would help right now.

hope everyone else is fairing better. Much love,

ps enjoy a couple pictures

This was our christmas was taken in November (so I had already lost a little)

Family picture taken in Ohio 3/10/12 (notice that nice bruise...yeah don't run into walls)

the whole family 3/10