Thursday, July 5, 2012

The accountability post

So I kind of dropped off the blogging band wagon for a number of reasons: I was ashamed that I couldn't get back on track. I was embarassed I'd gained weight back. I was mad I had to start over all over again. And mostly I just hated facing the facts. Well today is the starting over day.

My new weigh in day will be Wednesday (the monday weigh in was KILLING me). And everything I eat/drink will be written down even if i go way over pts.

Weight today is 282.8. So I gained about 6 lbs in the last little over a month. Not happy! :( but I guess it could have always been worse. So, here's to starting over, yet again.

I can use all the checking in anyone wants to offer.


REBYRYAN said...

It happens. I'm there with you. I just "started over" last week. I've gained **choke, choke** 17 pounds. Yup. Not good. But the important part is to keep going! We can keep each other motivated!