Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been MIA on here because frankly I fell off the wagon and fell hard. I stopped caring and practically ate everything in site, or drank. I was back on regular pepsi (i won't admit how much) candy everyday, and just out of control. And Monday I started over, yet again. I was ashamed to step on that scale because I KNEW I had gained, and gained A LOT. I knew because my clothes were tight again, my shirts made me look/feel pregnant again, and I just felt more YUCK.

The scale Monday (the 10th) read 295.8. Sigh. That is almost a 20 lb gain in 2 months. Yeah, not good, or happy. I am pissed. I am ashamed. I am sad.

So, now I am back in gear. I am back at work and this weight is coming off. I had a wake up call the first of September. My husbands whole family went to Lake Powell, Utah on the water on a house boat. And let me tell you spending 5 days in a swim suit and trying to chase after an almost 2 year old who just wants to go head first into the water is exhausting when your a normal weight (i assume) but when you are this overweight, this tired, and this out of control on food it was down right miserable. I will not do that again.

So, again, no matter what it takes or how long I will get this weight off. I guess the goal is to keep getting back up each time I fall, but man its discouraging.