Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting in the swing of things again

I had a rough weekend...I didn't stick to my calories and gained a couple pounds. But I buckled down, followed my calories, drank water like a fish, and even exercised.  And lost those.  I am feeling pretty good except for a migraine (that I've had for months), and knee pain that won't stop.

Any good exercises I can do when walking and moving hurt the knee like CRAZY?  Does anyone even still read this blog?  Anyway, want to blog more for accountability. 

T-minus 5 months (and minus 1 day) til my sisters wedding and having to fit the bridesmaids dress.  I took pictures in it to motivate me to lose.  Maybe one day Ill post those on here, but for now they are too unflattering to post. 

Til next time...counting calories and pushing on...


REBYRYAN said...

I'm not receiving notifications that you're posting again! Glad I noticed! Yeah for you and your new goals! I'm rooting for you. You can always start with upper body boxing exercises. I'm sure there's something on YouTube. I have been amazed at the stuff I've been able to find on there!

Joanna said...

Water walking will not make your knees sore. You need to have water shoes on when you do it.